Friday, May 28, 2010

Support Naxals and Face Punishment says PC

Our dear HM has recently issued dire threats to civil society for "supporting" the Maoists. To him, anyone who even hints at the gross injustice, years of exploitation and complete abdication of its duty by the state in the tribals areas as being the underlying cause for the growth of the Maoist movement is a supporter of the Naxals. The Times of India wrote recently (7th May 2010

"NEW DELHI: Toughening its stance against Naxalites, the Centre on Thursday warned Maoist sympathizers — including members of civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — found supporting the ultras by propagating their ideology or by any other means to be ready to face severe punishment. "

Of course, this is utter nonsense. If one reads what the Home Affairs Ministry has to say, one would think that the civil society is more of a threat than the Maoists themselves.

Wonder what PC would say to those who said this:

"... the Naxalite movement has to be recognised as a political movement with a strong base among the landless and poor peasantry and adivasis. ....Though its professed long term ideology is capturing state power by force, in its day to day manifestation it is to be looked upon as basically a fight for social justice, equality, protection and local development. The two have to be seen together without overplaying the former..."

Would he arrest them under the UAPA?

It is a quote from the report of the Expert Committee set up by the Planning Commission of India on Development Challenges in Extremist Affected Areas, published by the Government of India in April 2008.

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